US Vs Russia – A Look at the Military Balance

Usa Vs Russia

US Vs Russia

The United States and Russia are battling over Ukraine and the Baltics. It’s a conflict that has strained relations between Washington and Moscow to their lowest point since the Cold War, causing concern in Europe that President Vladimir Putin is aiming to break NATO with force if he fails to reassert Russian influence over the region.

Despite the differences in power, the U.S. and Russia have some enduring common interests, such as preserving global dominance, ensuring freedom of navigation at sea and preventing a hostile power from encroaching on its vital Eurasian landmass. These elements of grand strategy aren’t going anywhere, and the United States’ steadfast commitment to them will remain unaffected by any future clashes with Moscow.

A Look at the Military Balance

The biggest difference between the two countries’ military forces is in the air. The United States has far more bases, fighter jets and bombers than Russia.

On the ground, however, Russia has more tanks, artillery and other land vehicles than the US. They also have more missiles, drones and other military equipment.

At sea, the US has more aircraft carriers, submarines and other vessels.

It’s worth noting that US spending on its military is more than twice as high as Russia’s. This means that the US is able to invest in more weapons and technology, which will give them an edge in a conflict with Russia.