US Vs Russia – Are We Heading For a War?

US-Russia tensions have been high over Ukraine and soaring since Russia invaded in 2014. The US has placed sanctions on Moscow, sent troops to help train Ukrainian forces and ramped up military exercises across Europe.

But, despite all this rhetoric and bluster, it is unlikely that the two superpowers are headed for a hot war. There are global challenges like terrorism, climate change, a warming Arctic and the COVID-19 pandemic that require cooperation.

At the same time, a war between the US and Russia would be devastating for both countries, not to mention much of the world. The US and Russia are currently the top two military powers in the world and the US has a much larger population ready to fight as well as more bases, bombers, fighter jets and warships. The US also spends far more on defense than Russia.

The US has a large lead in space exploration as well and far outperforms Russia when it comes to labor research productivity in most fields. The US also leads the world when it comes to economic strength and global influence.

Even so, Russia has some advantages, including a large nuclear stockpile. But, in a war without nukes, it is unlikely that Russia can hold its own against the US. In a ground war, the US would win easily. In a sea battle, the US might not be able to take out Russia’s warships as easily but would likely gain an advantage by deploying more carriers and submarines.