US Vs Russia Drone Downing

Usa Vs Russia

Usa Vs Russia

President Putin is waging a war that has drawn the United States into an unprovoked invasion of a sovereign country. This is a war that he chose and every day that it continues is a tragedy, not just for the people of Ukraine but for our nation as well.

It’s time for the United States to step up our military support for Ukraine and send a strong message to Russia that the United States will not be cowed by Moscow’s blatant violation of international law, its alleged crimes against humanity and its desire to destabilize the world. That clear message should also focus on enforcing greater economic costs on Russia, strengthening Ukraine’s near- and long-term political and economic resilience, and further aligning the trans-Atlantic alliance against Russian aggression.

The drone downing over the Black Sea was an unfortunate but predictable escalation in the war between Russia and Ukraine, but it shows that any conflict in the region is bound to spark a potential escalation that could result in a devastating conflagration. Keeping that possibility to a minimum will require careful management from the United States and Russia.

As a key part of that effort, Washington should ensure that all nations and groups who want to help secure a democratic Ukraine are given access to the necessary military weapons. By doing so, the United States can make Russia less likely to launch major new wars, deterring its retaliation and forestalling its decline as a great power.