US Vs Russia – Is There a Future For Non-Conventional Warfare?

Usa Vs Russia

Russia has emerged as the US’s primary military rival, albeit in a surprising turn of events. Vladimir Putin’s regime has made aggressive moves against America’s 25-year claim to be the only global superpower.

Despite this, there are significant differences between the two countries. Trump promises to make Russia a friend, and says that he will use diplomatic channels to resolve disputes.

As a result, there is a great deal of potential for conflict. Unlike a conventional fight, the risk of nuclear war would be enormous, and experts estimate that billions of people could die. The scenarios vary depending on each country’s nuclear capacity and ability to respond to a nuclear strike.

Russia has the advantage in aerial campaigns against NATO. It has a vastly superior arsenal of aircraft, including aircraft carriers and long-range strike aircraft. Nevertheless, its conventional force is not as impressive as its nuclear forces.

Russia also has a large fleet of nuclear-armed submarines. These submarines can threaten enemy surface fleets in nearby waters. They can also be used to supplement the nuclear force.

The United States and Russia have the largest number of nuclear weapons in the world. While each has a different nuclear capacity, experts agree that a nuclear war between them would be devastating.

Considering these differences, there are few reasons why the United States would risk a conventional war with Russia. However, it is possible that the Russians will shift their focus to conventional warfare. This would be a big gamble for Moscow.