US Vs Russia – Key Facts About the Match

Usa Vs Russia

The United States and Russia will meet in a friendly in Portugal next month. The United States and Russia opened their 2014 season with a sloppy win over Canada. The Americans did manage to open the scoring against Russia, though. Whether the United States can continue their success this time around remains to be seen. Let’s look at the key facts about this match. Firstly, the match is played in the Algarve Cup, where the winners will advance to the quarterfinals.

Russia has 500 missile launchers, while the US has three hundred and forty-four. Both countries have missiles capable of long-range warfare, traveling at over Mach five. The Kh-47M2 Kinzhal air-launched ballistic missile is capable of a seven-hundred-mile flight. Both nations have about the same amount of soldiers: the US army is at 147,399,295 soldiers, while the Russian army has 68,737,187 soldiers. According to the US Defense Department, they plan to increase their numbers to three hundred and fifty million by the end of 2022.

In the short term, Russia’s foreign policy strategy is to counter U.S. foreign policy by shifting the confrontation between the West and Russia to other nations, especially in the Middle East. The Russian military has gained political and military leverage in the Middle East and Caspian Sea regions, but the United States has been unable to do the same in these areas. This is why the United States and Russia need to work together and engage in meaningful dialogue.