US Vs Russia – Should NATO Provide Military Aid to Ukraine?

Usa Vs Russia

As Ukraine continues to fall to the Russian invasion, a majority of Americans and their NATO allies think that the US should provide non-lethal military aid to help train and equip Ukrainian forces. But many believe that supplying lethal weapons could trigger a conflict with Russia and have long-term consequences for the world.

In addition, the poll finds that majorities of Republicans and Democrats (but fewer liberal Democrats) see Russia as an enemy of the United States. This view is especially prevalent among those ages 65 and older, those with more education, and those who say it’s important for the U.S. to be active in world affairs.

The survey also found that European publics are skeptical that the US would support them if they were in a conflict with China over Taiwan. On average, only a quarter of people in Denmark, Poland, the Netherlands and Sweden want their country to take America’s side in such a conflict. Even more want to remain neutral.

The US needs to shift the language of its national security policy away from reactive pronouncements about defending the “rules-based order.” Instead, it must articulate what winning this clash between democracies and dictatorships would look like and communicate the benefits for Europe of its own alliance with the US. The country’s allies need to be clear that any aid to Ukraine is aimed at preventing a conflict with Russia, not advancing the interests of Beijing.