Usa Vs Russia

Usa Vs Russia

The United States has risen from its ashes of World War II to become the world’s most powerful nation. It has more than half the world’s oil, two thirds of its gold and a family that earns 15 times what the average European citizen makes.

Yet there is one enemy that threatens American security in ways no other country does: Moscow. The Russians have invaded and annexed Crimea, illegally supported separatists in Ukraine and armed the rebels in Syria.

They’ve also tried to use the nuclear weapons that the United States helped them gain in 1945. Their aggressive actions in the Middle East, as well as their support for autocratic China and illiberal Iran, are causing alarm to U.S. policymakers.

But they also provide a reminder of what can happen when the United States fails to take decisive action against hostile nations. The question of whether to use force against a country that threatens its allies and interests is a delicate one.

It’s one that NATO is struggling to answer. It’s also one that has fueled a debate among some Republican candidates for the White House over how to respond to Russia.

And it’s one that has revived Cold War levels of suspicion, antagonism and gamesmanship. The most recent incident between the two nuclear-armed giants — an American fighter jet colliding with a surveillance drone near the Black Sea that crashed in Russia’s territorial waters — is causing tensions to rise.