USA Vs Russia

Usa Vs Russia

Russia is getting its ass handed to it by a country with a military that’s a fraction of the size. They have a lot of tanks and guns and planes, but the USA has a much larger military overall, better equipment and vehicles, and more training, as well as more stable leadership.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a reminder that the global geopolitical balance of power has become more precarious than ever. The United States has a greater economy and territory, and more military capability than Russia, but the Kremlin has the capacity to intervene in world events to thwart U.S. interests, notably by stealing the wealth of its neighbors.

The White House is working to checkmate Putin’s two most important weapons of war-his military and energy-by sanctioning banks, oligarchs, the families of politicians and government officials, and the companies that he controls, in addition to a new round of economic sanctions to hit the oil industry. It is also trying to convince Republicans to bolster Ukraine’s dwindling supply of military aid, warning that a victory for Moscow in Ukraine would put it in a position to attack NATO allies and draw the US into a wider conflict.

The Obama administration is urging Congress to support Ukraine with $175 million in additional funding for the defense ministry. That money is just a drop in the bucket compared to the $67 billion that Russia has spent on its invasion of Ukraine, and President Biden warns that a Russian victory in the war could threaten the lives of Americans and European allies.