USA Vs Russia

Usa Vs Russia

Next month, the United States and Russia will face off in a friendly match. They will play each other in the Algarve Cup in Portugal. Earlier in the year, the United States and Russia opened their respective 2014 campaigns with a sloppy 1-0 win over Canada. Both teams are well-equipped for the match, but the Americans should come out on top.

However, there are some areas in which the two countries are in stark contrast. In terms of military power, the US leads by a long margin. The US has more planes and bases than Russia. It also has more fighter jets and bombers. Russia, meanwhile, has more tanks, artillery, and land vehicles. It also has more aircraft carriers and submarines. The US military also spends more money on weapons than Russia.

A recent poll found that most Americans believe that the post-Cold War era is over. Ninety-two percent of Americans said that the Soviet Union’s behavior is partly responsible for its end, while seventy-three percent said it was our own fault. The survey also found that American citizens’ trust in the Russian government is low compared to that of the Russians.

In terms of history, the two countries have had many relations. Their relationship has been complicated by their differences and common interests. In World War II, the two countries joined forces in an alliance to defeat Nazi Germany. However, the Soviet Union’s aggressive policies in Eastern Europe created tensions.