USA Vs Russia – A Battle for the Future

Usa Vs Russia – A Battle for the Future

The United States and Russia have never fought a war, but they are two of the most powerful military nations in the world. They have a long history of friendship and partnership, but their relationships are now largely adversarial.

America’s Russia Strategy

The Trump administration is pursuing tough policies toward Russia, including imposing rafts of sanctions and expelling diplomats. And the Pentagon has been preparing to respond to Moscow’s aggressive aggression in Ukraine and Syria.

Hybrid Warfare

A key challenge for NATO is how to respond to a growing Russian threat in the Baltics and eastern Europe. Russia’s actions there are viewed by many NATO members as an effort to break the alliance with force.


The United States has a superior air force, with more bombers than Russia. But Russia has a much more sophisticated defense system, including anti-stealth aircraft and an array of surface-to-air missiles that could hit America’s military bases or other targets.


The USA has more tanks than Russia, but Russia has a much better tank design and is more focused on ground missions.

Nuclear Weapons

If a Russia Vs USA nuclear war were to break out, it would have catastrophic consequences, with a total of five billion people killed, according to a study by experts at NUKEMAP. The study consists of six scenarios, each with different results depending on the amount of nuclear weapons in use.