USA Vs Russia – Game One

Usa Vs Russia

The USA Vs Russia hockey game is underway. Game one is a shootout between the two teams and the USA is favored in this matchup. The Americans are averaging two goals a game, and Russia is averaging more than one. Let’s take a look at some key statistics from the match. Russia leads the series, 3-0. The Americans are averaging two goals a game, but the Russians are winning the series in a shootout.

The game started out aggressively, but both teams played well. The United States scored early in the game when Blake Wheeler was called for a tripping penalty. The United States was able to extend their zone time and give their dynamic offensive players touches. Jonathan Quick made multiple close-range stops, and he was a better choice than Ryan Miller. After the first period, Russia scored again, with Pavel Datsyuk converting on a 2-on-one chance.

The military might not match the military of the other country, but it would clobber it in a conventional fight. However, modern wars do not take place in toe-to-toe, and one side has an advantage in geography. The U.S. maintains a technological edge and vastly superior ability to project power around the globe. In addition, the U.S. has more aircraft carriers than the Russians.

Both the United States and Russia have divergent paths to military might. The US dominates in the air, and has more fighter jets and bombers than Russia does. Russia has more land vehicles, tanks, and artillery. In the sea, the US has more submarines and aircraft carriers. Overall, their military spending is far greater, 612 billion dollars to 77 billion. And while their economic strength is a key factor, the size of their populations are equally important.