USA Vs Russia – The Match of the Century

Usa Vs Russia

While U.S. officials remain cautious about a potential U.S.-Russia conflict, they are also aware of the potential consequences of not addressing the issues in a peaceful manner. As David Ochmanek, a former Pentagon official and current defense analyst at RAND Corp. points out, “The U.S.-Russia relationship is increasingly precarious due to the nuclear arsenals of both countries.” Specifically, Russia has upgraded its nuclear “triad” and has a large fleet of long-range strike aircraft and increasingly advanced nuclear-armed submarines. Although Russia’s conventional forces are not impressive, it excels at electronic warfare, air defense, and submarines.

In the 11th minute, Elena Terekhova scored an own goal. The U.S. surged forward with three more goals, including one by Whitney Engen. Megan Rapinoe, a striker who often goes unnoticed in matches, made an excellent cross and ran into the box. Abby Wambach finished with 164 goals, all coming off of passes from Rapinoe. However, the U.S. did have its share of mistakes.

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