USA Vs Russia – Why They Should Be Rivals in the Future

Usa Vs Russia

A match between the USA and Russia could make for a fascinating international game. In the past, the USA has dominated the world in chess, but in recent years, Russia has taken the top spot. Despite their superiority on paper, there are also plenty of reasons why the two countries should be rivals in the future. These factors are discussed below. Despite the differences in the two countries’ cultures, they’re equally capable of provoking wars.

In the Middle East, for example, Russia has developed military and political leverage. In addition to that, there are a host of domestic and regional conflicts and major demographic issues. Thus, the likelihood of a future feud between the United States and Russia is high. In this context, the United States should continue to bolster its leadership and resolutely oppose any Russian military action in the region. However, it is crucial to recognize the risks associated with a Russian military operation.

The current situation in Ukraine is a prime example. The Russian military is currently in the Donbas region. President Putin has made many attempts to justify the invasion of Ukraine by claiming that ethnic Russians are being targeted. Furthermore, he has claimed that Ukraine is not a sovereign nation, and that its invasion is a measure of self-defense against NATO expansion. Meanwhile, allegations of ethnic genocide do not justify a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.