USA Vs Russia

Usa Vs Russia

In the USA Vs Russia soccer match, the United States will have the advantage on paper. Both teams look strong. The hosts will look to keep up their impressive record against Russia. Despite the tough game against the Russian team, the USA team is still one of the most intimidating in the world. Watch the match live with us at the links below! Have you been anticipating this match for years? If not, then here is a little bit of background information on the match and the teams involved.

The Syrian Civil War is still ongoing. While the U.S. complains about the Russian influence, it isn’t too hard to imagine that a war between the two countries will break out in the near future, as a civil war between the Syrians and a proxy war between other countries. In July 2017, the U.S.A. announced the end of CIA support to the Syrian rebels. Still, their engagement with the Syrian opposition continues to weaken Assad’s regime.

Although the US and Russia have developed divergent paths to military might, both countries have their advantages and disadvantages. The US leads the way in air power, with more bases, fighter jets, and bombers. Russia has more tanks, artillery, and land vehicles than the US. Both countries have submarines, aircraft carriers, and destroyers, and their combined military spending dwarfs that of Russia’s 77 billion dollars.