What Does World News Cover?

world news

Generally speaking, world news is not as special as its counterpart, the national news. But the big question is, what exactly does it cover? In a nutshell, it covers everything from world news to national news to local news to sports news to local events to local businesses to local sports.

A more comprehensive list of world news services would include Associated Press (AP), Dow Jones, CNN, New York Times, Reuters, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, NBC and The Guardian. These news organizations are widely recognized and followed by millions of world citizens.

Those that do not have their offices overseas are better off checking out the news section of a country’s website. A news site’s country page will usually have a news section containing the latest local news, a listing of notable events in the country, and a list of notable local sports teams. Likewise, a city’s news section will include local newspapers and local TV stations.

A good example of world news is the recent earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia. It’s hard to miss the sheer number of casualties in the aftermath, as well as the poor building standards in rural areas. Fortunately, the country’s government has begun negotiations, with a hope to ease the crisis. It is no coincidence that the country’s largest metropolis, Jakarta, reacted with alacrity to the disaster. Fortunately, a slew of other nations have stepped up to the plate, as well.