What is a World War?

world war

A world war is an international conflict that involves all of the world’s major powers. Usually, there are only two major international conflicts that qualify for this designation. These are World War I and World War II. Both of these wars lasted for several years. In addition, both were extremely destructive and often led to major global catastrophes.

The First World War lasted from 1914 to 1918. It was the largest war in history and affected nearly every continent. It began as a small conflict in southeast Europe, and eventually spread throughout Europe and much of Asia. It lasted nearly four years, claiming nearly 30 million lives. The countries at the time included Great Britain and France, as well as the Soviet Union. As the war went on, more countries entered, and the outcome was far from predictable.

Germany began the war with the aim of acquiring a vast new empire known as “Lebensraum.” The German High Command calculated that if they were to achieve hegemony over Europe, they would have to wage war against their opponents. They began planning a European war as soon as they came to power.

The First World War lasted four years and resulted in the death of nine million people in uniform and another twenty million civilians. The war also led to the creation of the United Nations, which fosters international cooperation and prevents wars.