What is Conflict and How Does it Relate to the Story Arc?


Conflict is an integral part of the story arc and helps connect readers to a story. It occurs when one character is faced with problems, whether internal or external, or when he or she is in conflict with forces or other characters. It is what draws the reader into the story and gives it deeper meaning. Here are some common examples of conflicts in stories. Let’s begin with the term “conflict.” But what is conflict? How does it relate to the story arc?

First of all, conflict is a problem of differences. When people do not share the same values, perceptions, or ideas, conflict occurs. This often triggers the emergence of deep personal needs. From the need to be respected and valued, to the need for intimacy, conflicts can be very damaging. But it is also a sign of change. If we look at the roots of conflict, it may help to understand how we can resolve it better.

The origin of conflict is a clash of values. It is when people disagree with each other about values, beliefs, or ideas. In other words, conflict arises when the people involved are competing for resources or goals. This competition can lead to a plethora of different forms of physical, mental, and spiritual problems. As a result, it is important to recognize and resolve the cause of conflict, and to prevent it. Aside from being a dangerous thing, conflict can also be a good thing.

When a conflict happens, it can be very unpleasant for everyone. People often feel uncomfortable or hurt when they are confronted by another person. It can even result in break-ups. Ultimately, conflict is a good thing if it is resolved in a healthy way. The best way to deal with it is to be understanding. When we understand the other person, we can build trust and strengthen relationships. So, take care to understand what conflicts are and how to handle them.

The root cause of conflict is a difference of values. When two people are competing for resources or goals, they are in conflict. This causes a number of problems for both parties. Regardless of the reason, it’s not only a problem for the other person. The only solution is to solve the conflict. In addition to preventing breakups, conflict can be a healthy way to resolve a conflict in a relationship. So, how do you do this?

The first step in resolving a conflict is to identify the type of conflict. The most common form of conflict is interpersonal. There are two types of conflict: social and intragroup. The former is between two people, while the latter is between two groups. In both cases, the goal of one party is to gain the upper-hand. Generally, interpersonal conflicts are the most common. But they can be triggered by other factors, such as race, gender, or economic status.