What Is Conflict?


Conflict can be defined as a struggle, a fight, a situation where two parties disagree about something. This could be something as simple as an issue between co-workers or as complicated as a political dispute. Conflict can also occur in international relationships and in personal or family relationships. It’s important to understand what conflict is and how to deal with it.

One type of conflict is the classic “hero vs. villain” story. Two characters, one good, the other bad, battle for a piece of property or for the love of their lives. In this case, the hero is usually the protagonist and the villain is the antagonist.

In a story, conflict is a way to show the character’s world view. Conflicts may also be a way for the character to learn about themselves. A conflict may also be an effective way to bring out the best in a character, as it may force them to take action.

When a conflict is handled in a smart manner, it can be a positive experience for all involved. If handled correctly, conflict can even lead to greater teamwork. However, it is important to understand that not all conflicts are created equal. Some can be quite destructive. They can negatively impact productivity, performance, and absenteeism. To minimize or prevent such a scenario, it is vital to work with a good mediator.

The most obvious form of conflict is between individuals. When individuals differ in their beliefs, values, and opinions, they may have to work together to resolve the issue. These disagreements can be expressed verbally or nonverbally.

Another form of conflict is between two business owners in a small town. Both are competing for customers. Often, the two businessmen will engage in a contest for the wedding venue. Eventually, the competition will become a bit more physical, as the two businesses will go to war with each other for the customer.

There are many different types of conflict, though. Some of these include international, personal, and even technological. Various forms of conflict are common in literature and in movies. Examples of these can be seen in the Hunger Games, a book based on the same name as a popular movie.

Another example of a story with conflict is Moby Dick. In this novel, a character wants to conquer nature. Other forms of conflict in movies can be found in the realm of technology, as in Jumanji.

In addition to these, there are many more types of conflict. For example, there is conflict between an individual’s beliefs and the expectations of society. An internal conflict, on the other hand, is a character’s struggle with his or her own values and beliefs.

When choosing a story containing conflict, it is important to understand the various kinds. Different types of conflict have different effects on the reader, so the author should explore all the options available. By understanding the various forms of conflict and their strengths and weaknesses, he or she can better plan a plot.