What is the Definition of War?


There is an endless debate on the definition of war. While Marx argues that war is an economic issue, others counter that it is a matter of political power. Thucydides believes that war is a matter of honor and fear. Hobbes posits that it is an economic problem. Locke says that war is about the natural right of the strong to oppress the weak. And of course, there are many other factors that influence war.

There is no common definition of war, though the modern usage tends to reflect a clash between early conceptions. However, the word “war” is used more broadly than its early origins in the OED, and has incorporated notions of particular political schools. In any case, this word has a rich history of meaning and interpretation, and has been employed to describe wars in different ways and contexts for more than 5,000 years.

While there is no universal definition of war, there is an abundance of widely held beliefs. One of these is that it is not a cultural phenomenon, but rather a political choice. In this sense, war is an economic process. Therefore, a strong nation should hold weak things and vice versa. In this sense, war is an economic phenomenon. It is an expression of power in a society, and it is important to understand why it is happening.

The term “war” is used in numerous contexts. It is the expression of conflict between individuals or groups. It can be a conflict between humans with or without organisation, or between human beings and other species. Although there are many examples of war, most people associate it with killing. In addition to killings, the word “war” is also used to refer to conflicts of religion. Some religions have a clear definition of good and evil.

Another definition for war is one that allows for more flexibility than the OED. The working definition of war recognizes that not every conflict can be a traditional warfare. A culture may be a form of a civil war, while an armed uprising isn’t. Those are all essentially different types of conflict. If war isn’t a legitimate cause, it’s a legal and economic issue. So, the question is, what is the definition of “war”?

In the OED, war is an armed conflict between two or more nations. It’s a violent act. It is a force that threatens the lives of people. In other cases, it is an act of aggression. A law that enables a state to wage war is unconstitutional. For example, a armed attack on a civilian population is a crime, whereas a civilized one is a criminal act.

A moral code of war is a legal concept that must be firmly adhered to. A war is defined as a conflict between two parties who share the same values. A conflict in any country can be morally justified, or it can be illegal. In all cases, a war is a violent act. In any country, a government can be convicted of violating the rights of civilians. In addition, a law can be found to violate international humanitarian laws.