What Is World News?

World news is a broad category of news that is sourced from a wide range of sources. In some cases, it includes local news and other forms of national and international coverage. World news may also refer to issues facing a specific country or global issue. For example, news from a war or the summit of a multinational organization may fall under “national” news. However, in many cases, world news is classified as “international” news.

In the past, everyday people did not have easy access to global news. News would trickle from country to country, depending on the technology available. For example, global fashion and the latest band were only briefly reported in newspapers. But war and election stories often occupied the front pages. As the world became more connected and the news cycle became more frequent, newspapers grew more comprehensive and trustworthy. Moreover, newspapers were often limited in space and were not able to include localized coverage.

Foreign correspondents work in foreign countries and file stories from the scene. These correspondents may be on the ground during an event, such as a war, or may be freelance. They report on international news from an international perspective and add context to the story. However, in some cases, they report on the sidelines or work for a news organization, allowing others to report more comprehensively. The news stories that are produced by foreign correspondents are often more interesting than the original versions.