What is World News?

World News is the news media jargon for international news, or coverage of events beyond the borders of a nation. World news is often synonymous with foreign or overseas news, and can include global politics, economics, terrorism, wars and peace negotiations. Historically, world news has been reported by foreign correspondents, or by international news agencies such as the Associated Press.

The United States is among the countries where world news is more widely reported, and it’s sometimes difficult to draw a line between world news and “national” news. In the US, the AP and CBS News are the major national news outlets. Other world news outlets include BBC News, CNN, the New York Times and Reuters.

Whether you’re interested in world politics or business, world news is essential for understanding the bigger picture. Watch breaking news videos on political stories from around the globe and learn about the impact of the latest economic trends.

At the birth of modern journalism in 17th-century Europe, most news was foreign, as registered by courants (newspapers of the day) like The Daily Courant (England), the Nieuwe Tijudinger (Antwerp) and the Relation oder Zeitung (Strasbourg). These newspapers delivered hard and soft news from abroad by regular correspondence with journalists based in a given city. Today, the world’s largest news organizations have correspondents around the globe who gather information from local officials, members of communities and other sources to prepare articles for the wire services (originally telegraphs; now satellite transmissions). The agencies also sell these stories in bulk to other news organizations and individuals or institutions such as corporations and intelligence agencies.

The rival Koreas fired artillery rounds into the sea along their disputed border as part of provocative drills, in violation of the fragile 2018 inter-Korean military agreement. A South African double-amputee Olympic runner serving a prison sentence for killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp was released on parole after nearly nine years in prison.

World news also includes a variety of stories on local or domestic issues in different parts of the world. For example, the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hezbollah is an important issue in Lebanon. Heavy rains flooded parts of the U.K., leading to evacuations and rescue efforts.

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