What is World News?

World News is the jargon term for news that originates outside of a local area and concerns a country or a global subject. It may refer to hard news stories gathered abroad by full-time journalists – the foreign correspondents of a news source, or, more often and in an era where distance communication technologies have become cheaper, it could mean the news that is sent or gathered by a network of news agencies (originally established using the telegraph and later with the telephone and the Internet) and sold to individual newspapers, corporations or analysts. It is one of the major fields in journalism and a major subfield in international relations.

As far back as the 17th century, when a handful of newspapers began publishing in Europe, it was common for them to publish news from abroad. By the 19th century, advances in telecommunications and the beginning of the development of modern journalism meant that news could be sent and printed quickly across borders, and the first global news sources were established.

From Reuters and AFP to AP and Fox News, you’ll find the latest in what’s happening around the world. Read about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza, a new outbreak of avian flu in North America, or find out more about the people who make up the world.

The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is trying to prevent the conflict between Israel and Hamas from escalating. He met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to discuss governance reforms. Meanwhile, armed gunmen stormed a TV station in Ecuador, and the country’s president declared a state of emergency as the country grapples with violence and gangs.

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