What Is World News?

World News is the term for international journalism (although world news might also be called foreign coverage in some countries). With the advent of telegraphy in the 17th century, newspaper publishers could begin to bring in news from abroad. As a consequence, newspapers began to specialize in a number of fields—foreign affairs being the most famous.

Similarly, news agencies emerged as specialized divisions of traditional newspapers or media outlets. The emergence of the era of international telecommunications, including satellites and telephones, further facilitated world news coverage. This field covers a broad range of events and topics, including politics, foreign relations, business, technology, sports, and more. Some of the world’s best journalists work in this area of reporting.

The world is a big place, so there’s no shortage of news to cover. But there are different kinds of world news that may be more relevant for your audience than others. A key distinction is between what’s considered “world” news and what’s considered “national” news. A nation’s government and its institutions are considered part of the national fabric, so news about them is typically included in national coverage. However, if a country is embroiled in a war or hosting an international summit, those stories are often classified as world news.

What’s more, many stories that are world news have roots that extend back decades or even centuries. These stories provide historical context for current events and developments.

For example, the story of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya has a rich history that precedes and informs it. As the family members of Israeli hostages held by Hamas kick off a 24-hour protest call on Israel to bring their loved ones home, NPR’s Daniel Estrin looks back at how far this conflict has come in 100 days of fighting.

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