What Is World News?

world news

World news, also known as international or foreign coverage, is the news media jargon for reports on events in countries other than one’s own. It is distinct from domestic news in that it usually focuses on international politics and current affairs rather than social or economic developments. World news is the subject of many newspapers, magazines and radio and television programs. It is often the main focus of international news agencies, which prepare articles for multiple publishers (e.g., newspapers) and distribute them in bulk electronically via wire services (originally telegraphy; now often the Internet). Corporations, individuals, analysts and intelligence agencies may also subscribe to news agency services.

A person whose full-time job is to report on world news is known as a correspondent. He or she is stationed in a foreign city (often the capital of a country) and regularly files stories to the news editor. He or she gathers material for these stories from local officials, members of the community and other sources in the foreign locale. He or she may also witness events firsthand and thus be able to report on them immediately. A correspondent’s salary is usually quite high and he or she is often considered to be part of the elite cadre of journalists. Those who work freelance for several different news outlets are called stringers. They are not as well paid and usually produce less polished material than a correspondent. These reporters are primarily employed by wire services and can be found working for newspapers, radio and television stations and news websites.