What Is World News?

world news

World news is the term used in the media to describe international events and issues. It is different from national news because it covers events outside a nation’s borders and impacts multiple nations. World news can include political developments, global health crises and cultural events. This category of news is important to understand the interconnectedness of nations and how events in one region can affect people all over the globe.

The term “world news” was coined in the 19th century when innovations in telecommunications made it easier to spread information across Europe and the United States. At the same time, several news agencies were established, including Reuters (France), AP (US) and Wolff (currently DPA, Germany). A world news reporter is typically employed by one news source and files articles on a regular basis. However, reporters who work for many different news outlets and travel the world to gather information are called stringers and may be referred to as freelancers.

These reporters prepare hard news stories and other material that is then sold in bulk to various newspapers, magazines and radio and television programs. This material is usually distributed via wire services, originally by telegraph and later by satellite or the Internet. The bulk of major news agency services contain foreign news. In some cases, journalists who travel the world to cover news events are considered to be world correspondents. Other times, they are referred to as special envoys. They are often dispatched to a particular location to cover a specific subject, such as a war or an international summit.