What Is World News?

World News is the news media jargon for international stories that may not pertain directly to a nation’s internal politics and institutions, but have an overall impact on the global community. In journalism, it refers to news from abroad that can either be sent by foreign correspondents or – more recently – that is gathered and reported via distance communication technologies, such as the internet or satellite television.

The term is also applied to newspapers or radio shows that focus on global issues and events. Many of the large newspapers and radio networks have a dedicated division that gathers information and produces news reports for a specific world audience.

In the 17th century, when the concept of nation-states was still incipient, most newspaper news came from overseas. This was especially true in Europe, where the courants and other daily newspapers had an international scope.

Today’s world is much smaller, and it is possible for journalists to find stories from almost any part of the globe. The news media often reports on international politics, economics, culture and conflict. In addition, it covers stories from the developing world that affect a wider audience in the developed world.

World news may also include articles on the activities of various international organizations and multilateral bodies, such as the UN or NATO. The term is also applied to the foreign policy statements of individual nations, such as the U.S. or the UK.

A popular image of a war-ravaged world is the photograph The Vulture and the Little Girl, by Kevin Carter. The photo, which depicts a vulture standing by a starving Sudanese child who has collapsed from hunger, was controversial and helped to raise global awareness of the famine.

Other notable examples of world news coverage include the story about a pastor in Bryan, Ohio, who turned his church into a homeless shelter after the city’s housing shortage, and the story about the US-led coalition that bombed the Taliban for a year but failed to dislodge al-Qaeda.

In recent years, world news has also included the escalating conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, and the continuing migrant crisis in Europe. The US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and rising tensions with Russia have also been major news items. In addition, some world news has been focused on the effects of climate change and pollution on the environment. Some of the most important developments in science and technology also have made world news headlines.