What is World News?

world news

World news, or foreign coverage, is news that originates from another country. World news can be about a particular country, or it can be global in scope. For instance, a report about a natural disaster in Japan may be considered world news, but the coverage can be limited to one country. In any case, world news is not your only option for current events.

The practice of world news began in the 19th century, when newspapers began to appear in many countries. Innovations in telecommunications made it easier to spread news from abroad. Soon after, the telegraph was invented, and the first news agencies were established. Today, world news organizations include AFP (French news agency), Reuters (UK news agency), Wolff (German news agency), and the Associated Press (US news agency). War journalism is one of the most popular subfields of world news. Other types of world news include special envoys sent abroad to cover specific topics.

A correspondent is a reporter assigned to a foreign city or region or even a continent. They file stories regularly to the news editor, gathering information from local officials, local media, and events they have personally witnessed. The reporters stay in contact with local residents, maintain relationships with other journalists, and identify strategic sources.