What is World News?

World News

World News, also known as international news or foreign coverage, is news that is reported from other countries or global subjects. World news can cover a single country or an entire continent. Regardless of how the news is reported, it can provide valuable insight into current events. There are many different types of world news. Learn more about world news in the links below.

The first sources of world news were newspapers. Then, with the invention of the telegraph, news from around the world could be distributed much more quickly. Later, news agencies were formed. The first news agencies were AFP (French news agency), Reuters (UK), Wolff (German news agency), and the Associated Press (US news agency). War journalism is one of the most prominent subfields of world news. Sometimes, a special envoy will be dispatched overseas to report on a particular subject.

World News can also be called foreign news or international coverage. These terms are commonly used to refer to news coverage from other countries. It can cover a single nation, a region, or the entire world. It is important to remember that world news is not meant to support one’s own opinions, but to inform the public.