What Is World News?

world news

World news is a type of news reporting that covers international events and topics. It differs from local news in that national papers focus more on a wider audience and will also report on noteworthy international events like crises, wars and sporting events.

Foreign correspondents are full-time reporters based abroad who cover international events for their home media outlets. They work to gather material for their stories from foreign government officials, members of the community and journalists based in that region or country.

Special envoys are also sent abroad to report on a specific subject for their media outlets. They are usually stationed in a country for a limited time and do not have a permanent labor contract with a media outlet.

International news photography is a large part of world news and captures major international events that are of interest to the public. AP photographers travel to hundreds of countries to cover all major events across the globe.

Fact-based journalism is making a difference globally.

From a campaign to ban gender discrimination in Spanish schools, to a push to curb antisemitic acts worldwide, the global media is on the frontlines of changing the world. This year’s World News Day aims to amplify the power of journalism and the impact it can have in the world.

The UN is partially recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, but it faces a long road ahead to fully reclaim its mandate. The Security Council and General Assembly met in person, and UN photographers were there to record the frank discussions about human rights, antisemitism and the future of the world.