What Is World News?

World News

World news is the term used by journalists to describe the reporting of information about other countries, their governments and their institutions. It is a subfield of journalism that includes reporting on international issues such as wars and summits.

The field of world journalism originated in the 18th century and has become increasingly popular as technology has improved to make it easier for reporters and editors to send their work abroad. Today, most major newspapers employ foreign correspondents or special envoys to report from a given country.

Correspondents and envoys gather stories from sources on the ground, such as government officials and members of the local media, or directly witness events and document them through photography, videography or other methods. They typically also maintain contacts with other journalists on the ground in order to secure interviews and specialized sources for their stories.

Foreign correspondents are full-time employees of news organizations (and sometimes foreign broadcasters). They are based in the country they cover, but may travel frequently to other regions or countries for different reasons.

Often, they are sent to cover a particular subject for an extended period of time, such as a war or a crisis. They often report directly from the battlefield or from their base in a foreign city, and they are required to be knowledgeable of the local language and culture.

Some of the world’s most renowned war correspondents, such as James Foley, Richard Butler and Tom Brokaw, have made their name covering the world’s bloodiest conflicts. Other well-known journalists have covered the United States’ involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia, and the wars in Somalia and Rwanda.