What Is World News?

World news, also referred to as international or foreign news, is the field of journalism that deals with the coverage of events in a global context. The field includes reports on a country’s or region’s news by its official journalists, foreign correspondents and – more recently – by those who report through distance communication technologies.

There are two main categories of reporters engaged in foreign reporting: those who work for a news agency or publication and those who report on a specific subject, such as wars or environmental issues, from abroad. The former are called foreign correspondents and the latter are special envoys.

Correspondents are full-time employees of a news organization who live in the country or region they cover and regularly file stories to the news editor. They gather their information by interviewing local officials, members of the community and the media. They may be stationed in a particular city, town or village and may regularly travel to other parts of the country or region to report on events there.

As a result, their coverage can be very detailed and often focuses on the local environment. They are often a crucial source of information for the news staffs on both sides of an issue.

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While the internet is a great place to share news, it can be a dangerous one. This is particularly true of reports that are inaccurate or sensationalized. In recent months, there has been a shooting incident in the United States that was based on false news.