What is World News?

world news

World news is the term used for reports about global events, as opposed to local or national news. For journalism, this usually means reports that are sent by foreign correspondents or news agencies or information that is gathered or researched through distance communication technologies such as telephone, satellite TV or the Internet.

Correspondents, reporters and stringers

A correspondent is a reporter based in a foreign city, covering a particular region or country (or even an entire continent). They typically stay in touch with the local community, and gather materials for their reports from local officials, members of the community and the local media.

They also often maintain contacts with other journalists and correspondents to identify sources on the ground. They are frequently employed by news organizations to cover special events and conflicts.

News agency

A news agency is an organization that supplies articles to newspapers, magazines and other media outlets in bulk. It provides hard news and feature articles that can be used by other news organizations with little or no modification. They sell these articles through wire services, which originally used telegraphy; now they generally use the Internet.

Business intelligence

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