What Is World News?

world news

World news, also known as international or foreign coverage, refers to news and information coming from other countries. This news can be about a particular country, a global issue, or both. World news, as defined by journalists, includes news sent by foreign correspondents, news agencies, and information gathered through distance communications technology. In the United States, for example, world news may include the war that is currently raging in Afghanistan, the summit of a multilateral organization, or the election of a new president.

Earlier, however, many people did not have access to world news. While news about global fashion, the latest band, and wars would trickle across the ocean, most people did not receive timely world news. With the advent of newspapers, however, this situation changed. Today, newspapers became more reliable and comprehensive. However, there was only so much room in each page to cover news stories. This created an opportunity for journalists to cover world events without losing focus on the country’s local news.