What Is World News?

World News

World News is a broad term used in journalism to describe information about events that take place outside of a country’s borders. Also known as international news, world news is usually reported by foreign correspondents or, more recently, through distance communication technologies like satellite TV and the internet. The field of world news encompasses everything from wars to global issues, such as environmental crises or the summits of multilateral organizations that affect the interests of many countries.

The origins of modern world news go back to 17th-century Europe, where the development of printing technology facilitated the spread of international news. Newspapers such as the Courant de Londres (London), Nieuwe Tijdingen (Amsterdam) and the Relation (Strasbourg) were among the first to carry world news, which was then referred to as “foreign” news.

The earliest news agencies, such as Reuters and AP, prepared articles for other newspapers to use without modification and delivered them through wire services (originally using telegraphy; now they often distribute via the Internet). Later, full-time reporters known as correspondents were stationed abroad, reporting on events they witnessed or learned about in their travels. The correspondents’ work was then sent to the news desk, where it was edited and printed in the local edition.