What Is World News?

World News

World News, sometimes referred to as foreign news, is the news media jargon for news about a global subject, country or event. This can include war or a global summit. World news is usually the realm of reporters who specialize in this field, either full-time correspondents based abroad (usually in major capital cities) or special envoys sent for a short period of time to cover specific events or locations. The latter often come from the ranks of freelance journalists, though specialized journalists can be found among government officials, members of the military and civilian leaders.

This category can also encompass stories about nature, science and other cultural topics that are globally significant or otherwise of interest. From the discovery of a new human ancestor, to a new species of dinosaur or the latest scientific advancements, these stories provide a fascinating glimpse into humanity’s continuing quest for knowledge and understanding.

The most interesting news can sometimes be the most bizarre, shocking or simply strange. From a nine-year-old’s accidental discovery of a previously unknown human ancestor, to the mystery of how the pyramids were built or a new ice age that may be shifting the Earth’s tectonic plates, these articles are a fascinating glimpse into humanity’s endless capacity for creativity, ingenuity and weirdness. These are the kinds of stories that often grab the headlines, but they also represent the type of important news that a subscription to FP can help readers understand.