What Is World News?

World News

World News is a term used in journalism to refer to the general field of reporting about countries and global subjects. It is not usually a specific specialization for journalists, although it can be subdivided into a number of categories such as war (although conflict reporting may well be considered national for the media of belligerent nations), economics (global finance, commodities and stock markets) or environmental issues. World news also encompasses a wide range of political issues such as elections and other major events, although these tend to be more properly classified as domestic or regional rather than world.

There are a number of subfields in world news, the most common being the foreign correspondent (a full-time reporter based abroad who regularly files stories to his/her news editor) and the specialist envoy sent to a location for a single event or story. The former often works with local government officials, diplomats and military personnel and gathers materials for stories from a variety of sources, including interviews and attendance at events such as sports matches or press conferences.

The latter primarily prepares hard news stories and other material that can be sold in bulk to many different news organizations without too much modification (although some editors do modify stories originating with the wire service). They are often paid by individuals, corporations or intelligence agencies who may want to stay abreast of the latest world news and trends.

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