What is World News?

World news, also known as international or foreign coverage, is the news media’s jargon for news originating abroad. In particular, it’s the branch of journalism that deals with the news of other countries, or global subjects such as war (although in some cases, this is considered a sub-field of national reporting). World news is usually reported by full-time journalists who live abroad, or by reporters sent to cover specific events, such as those covering the Olympics. Reporters who are permanently based in a foreign city are often called correspondents, and reporters sent to a specific country or region and assigned to cover the news there are called stringers.

The majority of the articles published in the world’s major newspapers and magazines are the work of correspondents based in other cities, countries or even continents. In addition to being able to draw upon the resources of their own news agency and the information that is sent through their own telecommunication networks, these journalists are also able to use a wide range of sources in their work, including official sources, members of the public and other local media.

World news can also refer to articles prepared by news agencies, which are organizations that gather and produce hard news and feature stories and then supply them in bulk to many different companies: newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations. Originally, these articles were delivered in bulk using wire services, but nowadays most of them are provided over the Internet.