What is World News?

World News

World News is the term used in journalism to describe news from abroad or about a global subject. Historically, this is what was published in newspapers like the courants of 17th-century Europe or today’s AFP (France), Reuters (UK) and Wolff (now DPA/AP, Germany). But even before the first newspapers were established, innovations in telecommunication made it possible to transmit information far more rapidly, so that news from other countries began to be considered part of “world” news as soon as they were reported.

The news industry has a specialized category of reporters who work exclusively on world news: the foreign correspondents. They are based in foreign cities, usually the capital of a country, and often travel extensively to cover events and interviews. They report stories to the news editor based on their personal observations and conversations with local residents, government officials and other sources on the ground.

Often the world news is about important political or military developments that directly impact the lives of citizens of the reporter’s home country. But it is also a source of fascination for many viewers, especially those who are interested in the cultural and environmental aspects of a particular region or nation. In addition, the world news often contains reports on events that are of interest to a large number of people, such as natural disasters or summits of multilateral organizations.

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