What is World News?

world news

World news, also known as international news or foreign coverage, is the news media jargon for any information about events or issues that are outside a nation’s borders. It is sometimes a subset of local news, but more often refers to broader events that have global impact, such as wars or international summits. It can also encompass information gathered via distance communication technologies such as satellite TV or the Internet.

A journalist in a foreign city who reports on stories that are outside the bounds of his or her nation is called a correspondent. A correspondent may cover a region, country or continent, and regularly files stories to the news editor. He or she usually gathers material for these articles from local sources, including officials, members of the community and the local media. The correspondent is also likely to attend local events that are not directly related to his or her reporting, such as festivals or sporting events.

Thousands of farmers and their families are celebrating the annual paddy festival in Nepal. The Evening Standard has pictures from the event, as well as a selection of the day’s best photos from around the world.