What is World News?

World News or international news is the jargon of the media industry for a branch of journalism which deals with events from abroad or which concern a global subject. It is not as clearly defined as national news or local news, and the definition of events that can be considered to fall under its umbrella are somewhat looser. In its most basic form, the term refers to news sent by foreign correspondents or, more recently, to information that is gathered or researched through distance communication technologies such as television, radio and, particularly, satellite TV.

In the 17th century, as newspaper journalism developed in Europe and the United States, it was primarily concerned with news from abroad, since nation-states were still emerging. These foreign news stories were published in courants, a class of newspapers aimed at the merchant and banker classes, such as the Daily Courant (England), Nieuwe Tijudinger (Antwerp), the Relation (Strasbourg) and Avisa Relation oder Zeitung (Wolfenbuttel).

Correspondents working for a large news organization are usually assigned to one particular country or region and regularly file stories for the news editor from there. They may gather material for their reports from public sources, such as the local government or members of the community, as well as private citizens and representatives of multilateral organizations that are based in the country where they work.

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