What Is World News?

World News

World News is the media jargon term for global news. It can include reports from abroad that are sent to a national news outlet, or – more frequently – information obtained via distance communication technology such as the internet or satellite television. In some cases, such as with war reporting, the distinction between world news and national news is blurred and the latter can include events happening in countries whose governments are not involved directly.

The most interesting stories in world news come from fields such as science, crime, medicine and archaeology. These are often the pieces that go viral, because they offer glimpses into things that people find fascinating and unexpected. Whether it’s the discovery of a previously unknown human ancestor or the latest revelation about how Egyptian pyramids were built, these are the kinds of stories that have the potential to change people’s lives and open their minds.

Among the most important subfields of world news is conflict journalism. This can include reporting on wars between nations, as well as insurgencies, civil unrest and other situations that threaten the stability of a country. In this kind of journalism, a correspondent – usually based in a foreign city – serves as the main source of information for local and international news outlets, as well as for international agencies such as the AP or Reuters.

Other important aspects of world news can include humanitarian crisis, climate change and environmental degradation. These issues can affect the entire planet, and sometimes have a profound impact on the lives of the people who live in those areas. For example, the famine in Yemen has killed thousands of children and is a serious threat to the country’s population overall. Similarly, the recent floods in parts of England have left hundreds of thousands of residents without homes.