What Is World News?

world news

World news is the name of a branch of journalism that deals with international stories and events. This field is sometimes referred to as foreign coverage or, in the US, global news. In the US, it is sometimes hard to draw a clear line between world news and national news — especially when it comes to events such as wars in which the country is involved or summits of multilateral organizations in which the country is a member.

The year 2023 has been an eventful one in many ways, with a dramatic collapse of the Assad regime in Syria and a Russian-led invasion of Ukraine. Other major developments included a rebuke from the European Union for Russia’s support of separatists in eastern Ukraine and a rash of murders in the capital that left researchers perplexed. Other notable natural disasters included the fifth deadliest earthquake of the century and Cyclone Freddy, which was the most destructive tropical cyclone to hit Mozambique since records began.

A world news story is usually reported by a correspondent who is based in a foreign city, or even an entire continent. He or she regularly files stories to the news editor based on information he or she receives from local officials, members of the community and other sources. A good world news reporter is a master of interviewing techniques and maintains relationships with government agencies and diplomats. A well-established network of contacts makes it easier to gather information about a developing story.