What Is World News?

World News

World News is the term used to describe any news story that takes place outside of a nation’s borders. The term may also refer to foreign affairs, which covers the political, economic and cultural life of another country. World news is one of the most popular specializations for journalists, and there are a number of ways to report it, including via newspapers, radio, television and other multimedia platforms.

The concept of world news began to develop in the 19th century, when improvements in telecommunications allowed for easier dissemination of information across nations and continents. This was aided by innovations in printing, such as the advent of the newspaper printer (originally known as a platen press) and the invention of the telegraph. Newspapers began to publish overseas reports, and the first news agencies were founded, such as AFP (France), Reuters (UK) and Wolff (currently DPA, Germany).

In addition to reporting international news stories, many news sources also offer features and analysis on international events and issues. Some of the most common topics include politics, crime, natural disasters, war and social unrest. The most well-known subfield of world news is war reporting, although coverage of a war within a belligerent country may also be classified as national or domestic.

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