What Is World News?

World News is the term used to describe international or global news events. It’s a specialization within journalism that covers news events that impact the entire globe, or those that aren’t limited to one country or region. It’s a subfield of journalism that often includes coverage of war, and it’s sometimes confused with “national news,” which refers to events that involve the media’s home country or major governing bodies.

It’s also sometimes referred to as foreign news, although the distinction between the two is becoming more blurred with the growth of the Internet and advances in long-distance communication technology. Traditionally, a reporter or news agency specializing in world news would have a correspondent based in a city abroad (often the capital of a country) who regularly files stories to his or her employer’s main office.

The correspondent’s job is to report on a particular country or region and gather information from local officials, residents and the news media. Correspondents also may be tasked with interviewing members of the military or other organizations that have a presence in the region.

This type of reporting is often considered to be the most important in the field of world news, and many journalists specialize in it as a career path. However, even the most seasoned of correspondents must be vigilant to discern between real news and what might be propaganda or outright fabrication.

For example, in recent years, several fabricated stories made the headlines, including ones about the Pope endorsing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton selling weapons to ISIS. When fact-checked, these stories were revealed to be false.

While the majority of world news stories deal with politics, conflict and international relations, it’s also possible to find interesting world news articles about science, crime, medicine and archaeology. These types of news articles can have a significant impact on our lives, but they are often neglected as they compete for space in our news feeds with more sensational or clickbait-driven stories. That’s a shame, because these stories can help us better understand the world around us and its people. They can teach us about history, culture and the very nature of humanity.