What Is World News?

world news

World news is the broad category of news stories covering events occurring outside of the immediate borders of a country. It includes coverage of wars and other international conflicts, as well as summits of international organizations. It may also include coverage of natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes, and political events, such as elections and coups. World news is often separated from national or domestic news, although the distinction can be blurry, especially when reporting on wars involving belligerent countries.

The majority of the articles published by major news agencies are world news stories, though some may contain local or regional news. These articles are usually sold in bulk electronically through wire services, originally using telegraphy and later the Internet. These services are subscribed to by a variety of news organizations, including newspapers, magazines and radio and television stations. Individuals, corporations and intelligence agencies may also use these services.

A person whose job is to gather and report on world news is known as a foreign correspondent, and they may be stationed in a city, region or even an entire country. Correspondents may have a permanent contract with a news organization or they may work as freelancers, producing stories on demand for several different outlets. Freelancers who regularly produce articles for multiple news organizations are called stringers.

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