What Is World News?

World News is a term used in journalism to describe news that occurs in countries outside of one’s own. It is sometimes confused with International News, which is a similar term that refers to news concerning events occurring around the globe. In general, the field of world news is a subset of national or local news. However, the distinction is somewhat blurry, especially in the United States where there is often a blend of national and world news.

World news is primarily concerned with events that affect people around the globe, such as wars and global business. However, it can also be about cultural or sporting events that occur across national boundaries. In addition, world news includes events such as natural disasters that occur worldwide.

A number of different types of reporters write about world news. The main types are foreign correspondents and special envoys. The former is a full-time reporter who lives and works abroad for a major news organization. He or she regularly files stories to the editor of the news source. He or she typically gathers material for these stories from local officials and members of the community as well as from events he or she directly witnesses.

The latter type of world news reporter is a journalist who is sent to cover a particular event or situation for a specific period of time. He or she will travel to the location of the story and report on it from the ground. He or she will also interview local residents of the area and may be able to gather information from these sources as well.

World news is an important aspect of the media because it gives the public an opportunity to become informed about current events in other parts of the world. The field of world news has been greatly expanded by advances in communications technology. The first news agencies were founded in the 19th century, after innovations such as telegraphy made it easier to deliver breaking news from far-away places.