What is World News?

World News is a sub-field of journalism that deals with international news. This is news that is either sent by foreign correspondents or, more often in the modern era, is gathered by news agencies that send articles out via the internet or other long distance communication technologies. This news may be hard or soft and usually has to do with a country or a global subject like war, terrorism or natural disasters.

Some of the more interesting hard news in this category is research that uncovers new secrets about the world and its history. This is news that can have a great impact on our lives, whether it is new information about how the Ancient Egyptian pyramids were built or finding out more about an obscure species of human ancestor.

Other types of hard news that are published in this area of the media include any kind of political and economic stories that impact the rest of the world, such as a major oil spill or a major terrorist attack that affects many people. These are often the most important stories that are made, as they can have a huge effect on the world as we know it.

There is also a softer side to world news that involves celebrity and pop culture. This is the type of news that will often be featured on television shows, magazines or online. This is because it can be very entertaining and often involves the rich and famous. This is something that a lot of people look forward to reading about, as it can be very interesting and give them a break from the more serious hard news that is often published.

While not all of these stories are necessarily true, it is interesting to see the kinds of things that can go viral and become some of the most popular news stories of the year. This year has seen a number of fake but apparently genuine stories that have gone viral, such as the claims that Pope Francis endorsed Donald Trump and that Hillary Clinton sold weapons to ISIS. Both of these stories generated a large number of engagements, with the Hillary Clinton one getting over 789,000 engagements on Facebook.