What Is World News?

World news covers current events occurring around the globe. It encompasses a broad range of topics including international relations, politics, business, and cultural issues. World news is generally considered to be a subfield of journalism, although some world news stories may also be classified as national for media outlets that focus on domestic issues such as war (although this type of reporting is often classified as a separate subfield).

A newspaper article or broadcast news story typically consists of several paragraphs that provide the reader with an overview of what has happened in a particular location. A journalist or reporter is responsible for gathering and writing this information, which is then distributed to a newspaper, radio or television station. The majority of the articles produced by these organizations contain world news, though some may focus solely on local news and events.

The world has been rocked this year by numerous natural disasters, as well as a number of political and military crises. These include the escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Russian aggression in Ukraine, and a coup in Venezuela that has left Nicolas Maduro in control of the country’s government. Other global issues have included the decline of the COVID-19 pandemic, the launch of a new anti-obesity drug by Novo Nordisk, and India surpassing China to become the most populous nation.