What Is World News?

World News is the general term for a subfield of journalism that covers events beyond the borders of individual nation-states. It includes stories about international political affairs, foreign wars, peacekeeping efforts and summits of multilateral organizations. It may also cover other global issues, such as natural disasters and epidemics. It is distinct from the more specialized field of national news (the focus on domestic politics and policy), although some national journalists often report world events, especially when they are covering wars in their own countries or other major events such as elections abroad.

The first newspaper articles were local, but the advent of telecommunications such as the telegraph allowed news to be disseminated more widely and quickly. By the early 19th century, most newspapers were reporting world events. The term “world news” was originally used to distinguish these international stories from purely local news, which still predominated in many places, and the more specific distinction of “national news” was not yet established. The main types of reporters engaged in world news are the correspondent (full-time reporter stationed overseas), the special envoy (sent to a particular region or event for a set period) and the journalist who focuses on an area but is not a full-time resident.

As Israel’s Gaza war rages and the death toll passes 20,000, diplomacy continues for a possible ceasefire. Meanwhile, the UN’s top human rights official urges all sides to respect humanitarian law and ensure safe delivery of aid.

Science, crime, medicine, archaeology, nature — these are just some of the topics that fall under the heading of interesting news. From the discovery of a previously unknown human ancestor to an intriguing theory about how the pyramids were built, these stories tell us more about our world and our place in it.

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