What is World News?

World news, also known as international or foreign coverage, is news about events, issues, and people outside of the country in which the news is produced. This type of coverage can focus on the country in question or a global subject. Some sources focus on breaking news in particular regions, while others focus on issues that affect many countries. If you’re looking for information on an entire country or a global subject, you should be aware of what world and international news is.

world news

In the early modern era, many countries already had newspapers. The invention of the telegraph made it easier to spread news from abroad. The telegraph also paved the way for the creation of the first news agencies. The AP (American Press Association) is the most prominent of these. World news is usually divided into subfields, but sometimes there is a blurry line between what is considered “national” and “world” news. In the United States, for example, wars, national institutions, and other events are all considered “national” rather than global.

By the seventeenth century, newspapers were common in most countries. Telegraphy made it easier to transmit news from overseas. After the invention of the telegraph, the first news agencies were established. These agencies include the AFP (French news agency) and Reuters (UK news agency). Another subset of world and international affairs is war journalism. In some countries, a special envoy may be sent to a country to report on a particular subject.